Development Update #4

Hi @everyone. Thank you for playing The Investigation. More than a year has passed since we released this tech-demo and we are super happy with the reception. We'd also like to share some thoughts we've been collecting throughout this journey. We watch each and every one of your gameplay videos. So big thank you to those who take the time to make them. You rock!

(Spoiler Alert! Spoilers ahead! Play the game before you read!) 

Our hearts breaks little by little every time we see your faces when the demo abruptly ends. We thought it would be cool to slowly build tension and leave the game with a cliff hanger. Now we have to endure the disappointment on your faces every time we see you beat the demo... Well, that's our punishment! ^^' The most repeated phrase after finishing is "Are you fucking kidding me?" Sorry!

It has been an incredible year. We released Game Creator as a tool for us to make games in the future but the reception until now has been incredible. We've also managed to develop modules that complement this tool such as an Inventory, a Dialogue, a Quest manager and a Stats system for RPG games. This wouldn't have been possible without the feedback of the Unity community.

But now let's get to some funny statistics. We've gathered throughout the last year and a half a lot of play sessions and (anonymous) stats so that it would allow us to better understand human behavior and make a better game in the future. 

  • Despite the demo being fairly easy, only 50% of the players actually finish it. Hmm whether there are some people with lack of patience or they encountered critical bugs!
  • There have been 7% more green wires cut than red wires. We really thought it would be the other way around! :-D

That's all for now. We might not post another development log but we'll always keep an eye on the game page. If you have any thoughts or questions, drop us a line! We're friendly folk!

Cheers & Beers!


The Investigation (Windows 64-bits) 203 MB
May 26, 2017
The Investigation (OSX Universal) 219 MB
May 26, 2017
The Investigation (Windows 32-bits) 201 MB
May 26, 2017
The Investigation (Linux Universal) 221 MB
May 26, 2017

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Deleted post

Unfortunately no. We envisioned The Investigation as a stand-alone tech-demo for our product Game Creator. However, we're working on a side project that will share some similarities with The Investigation. It's called "Life in Space" and you can check it out following this link. It's still in the early development stages.