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[ A serial killer. Two detectives. An anonymous tip. ]


The Investigation is a small third-person 3D point and click room escape adventure where you take the role of Rebecca Castle, a fearless yet impulsive police detective. You and your partner, Chris Sanders, are following a lead on the Kingsroad Killer, a smart murderer that kills his victims after torturing them for days.


The Investigation project has been developed using exclusively the Game Creator tools as a demo of what can be achieved without programming a single line of code.


  • Move the character across the scene and interact with different elements.
  • Unravel the story behind the Killer as you and your partner investigate an abandoned hospital.
  • Cutscene driven story with incredible photorealistic environments.


Our business is focused on creating tools for developing games. We needed to test if it was really possible to create a full featured one with the Game Creator tools we've been working on, so we decided to create a (small) one.


Please! We'd love to hear from you. Even if we're not going to make a complete version of this game (as we're focused on making the dev tools) we'd love to receive some feedback. Just drop us a line in the comments or send us an email at hello@catsoft-studios.com.

For more information on how to create games with Game Creator visit http://gamecreator.io.


The Investigation (Windows 64bit) (204 MB)
The Investigation (Windows 32bit) (202 MB)
The Investigation (macOS) (220 MB)
The Investigation (Linux) (222 MB)

Development log


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A few bugs, but still pretty cool :D

Thank you @Noah! Sorry about the bugs! We'll work hard to fix 'em as soon as possible. Great job btw! *spoiler alert* Finally someone that cuts the red wire!

Tanks for the update, I've just tried the new version (Linux build).

By the way, I've noticed that in the chamber blocked by the stretcher, if Rebecca is near the fuse but turned of the shoulders  from the camera, she won't grab that fuse even if I click on it since it's visible in between her foots.

Also can I ask if you can add a game page "Bug Reports" specific topic (or something like that), so we can avoid spoiling, in case, story elements while talking about bugs in the regular comments?

Tanks in advance for you attention.

Hi @trota68! Thank you very much! We think we know what the bug is, probably the character's collision capsule is blocking the view from the fuse. We'll try to have it fixed for the next version.

As for the bug report section, sure! This is actually the first time we're publishing something on itch.io. By game page, do you mean a devlog page? Or is there a way to add pages to a project? 

See you around!

About the "Bug Reports" section, you can add topic sub-pages to your main project page, like in this other project page (look at the bottom page, section "Community" posts): https://r00k.itch.io/rust-dust; By clicking the "Bug Reports" topic link (this one created by me), you will be redirected to a new page where you can see it's possible to add new  posts clicking on "New Reply" button (or "Post" button at the bottom page), and reply to each new message like with a regular comment (with the exception of the first message so that it can be used to describe the topic purpose and, for istance, the bugs posting segnalization rules).

However, it has to be noticed that, for now, itch.io make you choose in the project edit page, section "Community", between have only a section for simple comments or an organisable/plain section for Community topics (discussion board), not both a the same time. So, switching to the second option, you will have a confusing plain list of topics, one for the Bug Reports, and every other one for every single comment.

Also I've make some test in a Community topic organization, trying making categories and sub-categories for Bug Reports and regular comments, and I have to say that it's a little confusing to use and buggy.

Maybe in the future they'll add the ability to create a separated section only for Bug Reports, as they have already done for the "Develog Section".

We will see...

Tanks for the attention.

Great! Thanks @trota68! We've tried setting up the Discussion board but all the current the messages disappear (as expected). We're setting the first Devlog post as the Bug Report so we can keep all previous messages while having a bug report page. See you around and thanks!

That was fun, thanks. Will play the full game if you guys finish it :) Definitely hoping for difficult puzzles!!

Awesome! We'll work on the initial bug (sorry ^^). The Investigation is actually just a "technical demo" for another product we have, but since people are liking the setting of this game, we're thinking of making a full one. Thanks for the input and the video Gab!


oh man hope you guys pick it up someday! :)

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Bug reporting: - With Linux build, after a first complete run untill the end, restarting the game from the main menù (without closing the program first), I was able to open the first locked door without the key and then some scripted actions won't start trying to interact with other rooms elements;

- If I point Rebecca to Chris, she will keep move against him until clicking elsewhere.

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@trota68 Thanks for letting us know! We'll get hands on right away! 

About pointing Rebecca towards Chris, could you elaborate? Do they actually move or just play the turn/walk animation? Really appreciate the input!

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First Rebecca walk near Chris, then, when she stop near him, her legs start moving left and right very rapidly while Chris legs animation "walking backwards/rotate" starts playing at the same time (Chris doesn't change his position anyway).

Yup we reproduced both bugs. We'll try to get them fixed for the next version. The first one is more critical and actually affects our dev. tools, so a big thanks for spotting it ;-)


How long would you say is an average playthrough? :)

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Between 15 and 20 minutes give or take ;-D