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Dishonored 2 had a mission called A Crack in the Slab, which  allowed you to switch between two timelines: Present and Future. This particular mechanic is very interesting, since it allows to see how a robust wooden door that blocks the path on the present, is rotten in the future and presents no obstacle.

I tried to convert this mechanic into 2D, but since the change of perspective didn't allow the player to use a timepiece in front of the screen, I decided to create an arrow that, upon impact, it allows the player to peek into the other timeline without the enemies noticing.

This lets you sneak passed guards and syncing your movement so you go unnoticed.

NOTE: I had many ideas for puzzles, but unfortunately, creating a stable system took most of the time. There are just 3 levels, which aren't really that much of a challenge. However, I'm looking forward hearing your opinion! I had a blast designing this little tech demo!


Dishonor2D - macOS 46 MB
Dishonor2D - Windows 28 MB

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