You are a wealthy old man seeing how your days come to an end. Your viperous family is waiting for you to pass away and inherit your fortune. You have gathered, isolating them to say your last goodbyes.


They don't know you are planning on taking them to the grave with you.

This is a fictional story inspired by the famous Agatha Christie book "And then there were none" as well as the Hitman games and a side-mission from The Elder-Scrolls: Oblivion. All characters appearing are completely made up. Well... Most of them at least.


Wake up and get out of your room. Watch out! Your family roams the house and if they see you, they will get suspicious! Learn their patterns and plan ahead!

At the end of the day... THERE WILL BE NO LIVING THINGS left!

Interact with objects in the house and gather items. Someone likes to smoke in your lawn? Drop some Kerosene and watch them burn! Break a light bulb and spill water to electrocute anyone that passes through! Oh... And someone has a Tarantula for a pet? Hmm... I wonder what would happen if you open its cage...

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Mar 30, 2020
AuthorCatsoft Works
GenrePuzzle, Adventure, Simulation
Made withUnity
TagsCute, hitman, sims, Stealth
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button
LinksHomepage, Twitter, YouTube


Deathbed - MacOS 34 MB
Deathbed - Windows 31 MB
Deathbed - Linux 35 MB


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Fun little game! I finished the game as I accidentally killed myself at the end XD but technically I beat it haha

Nice gameplay, nice graphics and music. Great job!

Thank you Thomas! Happy to hear that!

What a wonderful development from basically wanting to validate the tools you use. The concept is great, and a little eerie, with a layer of comedy to top it off! And also I didn't realize that Catsoft is the Dev that brought 'The Investigation'. I played that a couple years ago, and that too was a great experience! Keep on creating team!

Great work!


Thank you very much! Glad you liked it :-) We also had a good time watching you play so cheers!


Holy shit. This game is now my absolute favourite! It's difficult in a way that makes you feel determined instead of defeated and it's just overall so much fun!!!

 My only wish is that I want more levels/stages! I wouldn't change a single thing, I just want MORE of this m-a-s-t-e-r-p-i-e-c-e-!!!

Do you intend on making more stages/levels or plan on adding more? ^=0w0=^


Haha thank you very much! :-) Unfortunately, it's just a tech demo we put up in 4 days to validate our development tools.

We'd love to expand on this concept, but time... -_-U

Great game ... good work!


Thank you! :-)

I really loved playing this game, only had one issue which was the people getting stuck in the door! but it was easy fix with abit of baiting! but overall great game!

Thank you! Yeah noticed that too... We might make doors a bit wider so two characters can fit or let them be aware when someone is about to go through one. Thanks for playing!

LOVE IT!!! one of the best games i played

Thank you Doom Guy :-)

Show post...


Glad you liked it! And thanks for playing!

I think i found a bug, played on web an had to pause, couldn't continue/unpause

Ah yes, definitely a bug. I was about to submit it but remembered I didn't have any way to exit the game. So I quickly set the ESC button to quit the game, without taking into account that a WebGL game can't exit.

Once the jam is over (I believe I can't update it meanwhile), I'll make sure to change this. Thanks!

The game is really well done. Everything, especially the gameplay mechanics seems to be polished and refined. loved it


Thank you very much! How we built the core game loop is by giving hints to the player into thinking new ways to kill the characters. 

You may not know what an item does, but the game teases you in ways to use it. For example, if you have Rat Poison, it tells you "This could kill someone". However, if you don't have it and you click on a Cake, it reads "With some Rat Poison from my Garage, I could make this pie delicious". The player then connects the dots and gets an "Aha!" moment.

That was really cool implementation. I feel like i could definitely benefit from your feedback because making intuitive mechanics is something i struggle with. So I would really appreciate if you could provide feedback on my major jam submission.

I just played it, and this game is amazing!

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Thank you! :-D Took us 4 entire days working full-steam to put together

Hi everyone! Developer here. If you have any questions on the game or how it was made, don't hesitate to drop a line :-) Cheers!